Irish Knitwear

The authentic Spirit of Ireland is captured in our collection of Aran Woollen Mills uniquely Irish garments and products. The gorgeous handknit sweaters are made with love in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. Carraig Donn / Aran Woollen Mills comes out with new sweater designs every year, or new colours in the same amazing knits! Here we feature three every week; come to the store to try on a selection. At Celtic Connection, you can see how they fit and if you prefer a sweater with a cowl neck, a roll neck, buttons, pockets, no pockets … so many wonderful colours & choices!

Tree of Life Jewellery

The Celtic Tree of Life symbol represents the interconnectedness of Land, Sea & Sky;

and reminds us of our connection, where we come from and to consider what we will leave for the future.

As our roots run deep in Mother Earth, and we reach to the stars in Heaven, the wearer of these gorgeous gemstone necklaces will know peace, harmony & balance.


Pick a reason why you wear a Tree of Life necklace from Celtic Connection:

  1. To honour my ancestors and the future;
  2. To remember everything and everyone are connected;
  3. I love wearing a. turquoise; b. amethyst; c. onyx d. tiger’s eye!